schöne Neuigkeiten

Hallo Welt!

Es gibt schöne Neuigkeiten!

Zum Einen haben elf der insgesamt 14 JugendlicheN den gesamten Weg unserer Alpenüberquerungsroute von 110km und ca. 6500 Höhemetern geschafft! Leider mussten drei unterwegs abbrechen, sind aber wohlbehalten zu Hause angekommen. Der Weg war sehr vielfältig, äußerlich landschaftlich und innerlich durch einige tiefe und ehrliche Fragen und Antworten. Neben einigen schwierigen Fragen (Und warum mache ich das Alles hier? 😉 ), hatten wir eine wirklich super Zeit und freuen uns, dass nun alle gesund daheim gelandet sind!


Bilder der Tour gibt´s hier und unter der Walden Seite auf facebook.

Danke an Alle, die uns unterstützt und mit über die Berge getragen haben!!

Und! Das geh-lassen Seminar findet dieses Jahr statt. Infos dazu gibt´s hier auf der Seite unter der Frauenzeit. Und den neuen Flyer gibt es endlich hier: gehlassen_2014

gern auch zum download und weiterschicken..

Danke und herzige Grüße!!

Alpenüberquerung 2014

Juchu, wir sind uns einig.

Die Tour 2014 wird vom 3. bis 13. August stattfinden. Zur Vorbereitung treffen wir uns vom 6.-8.6. in Oberwiesenthal im Erzgebirge. Alle Infos findet ihr hier auf der Seite unter Alpenüberquerung oder auf facebook unter: geh-wachsen! Dort findet Ihr auch noch mehr Bilder der Tour 2013.


Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Bei Fragen und Rückfragen einfach bei Natascha melden.

Danke und Allen eine gute Zeit!

go and grow!

Die Alpenüberquerung auf English..

go and grow!

is a project for young people (+/-15-20) who are looking for a challenge, are ready to take on the elements, be part of a group and discover themselves.

We will accompany a group of young people on the journey to adulthood and on a trek across the Alps, starting in Germany via Austria, Switzerland to Italy.


Along the way, over peaks and through valleys, in the sun, rain, wind and clouds, we’ll ask ourselves such questions as:

• What does it mean to become an adult?

• What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?

• Where are my physical and psychological limits?

• What would I like to achieve in life? What is my next major goal?

It’s about finding one’s way, rising to the challenge, finding answers and entering a new phase of life with more life energy, more courage, a greater sense of responsibility and greater self-confidence.


The structure of go and grow!:

In two different modules we want to prepare for and carry out a group crossing of the Alps with urban youth.

The first module will be held in June in the Erzgebirge region of central Germany and last two to three days. There the group will acquire the basic skills for “life on the trail”, including:

• Building stable tents

• Cooking over a fire

• Basic navigation with a map and compass

• Packing a backpack and hiking

• Wearing shoes in comfortably and naturally

• Traveling with a group

With these skills the crossing of the Alps will take place 3 to 13 August 2014 from Baad in the Kleinwals Valley to Taufers in Tyrol.

The mountain guide Christian Kerber from the Allgäu region of Germany will lead the group. He knows the route well and has lots of experience in this region.


What else?

In addition to the life-changing experience, a further important aspect of the project is learning to give the world something back. During the months of preparation the young people will develop a service project − ecological or social − that they can carry out as they make their way across the Alps and/or at home in their native city.



The goal is to attract the attention of the media and of people with diverse backgrounds to the idea of “go and grow!” so that the project can be carried out every year. We will ensure that the participants are as diverse as possible and that young people will be included in the project who do not have access to such experiences (immigrants and young people from poorer families).


A look inside and outside

A professional documentation of the first crossing will help transmit a strong image of “go and grow!” to potential partners, supporters and the media. After successful completion, a photo exhibition will be presented in the participants’ home cities and a party will be held in order to thank supporters and sponsors.

Nothing comes from nothing

To carry out the project “go and grow!” we are looking for partners for the coming three cycles who are willing to support us financially or with materials. We are in need of outdoor equipment − clothes, shoes, backpacks, stoves, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and tarps − as well as sponsors so that we can keep the participation fee as low as possible.


We look forward to any questions you might have and hope that “go and grow!” will inspire you as much as it has us!

In the name of the go and grow! team,

Natascha Heinrich.